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Bud is a WWII Triple Ace who flew the P-51 Mustang, "Old Crow" while assigned to the 357th Fighter Group "Yoxford Boys", 8th Air Force, Leiston Field, United Kingdom. The 357th Fighter Group was credited with shooting down 609 1/2 enemy aircraft in only 15 months, a pace no other fighter group equaled.

US Airforce Homepage
The Official web page of the United States Airforce. This site includes airforce history and general information.

Air Force Link
the official World Wide Web site of the United States Air Force. The Mission of the U.S. Air Force is to defend the United States through control and exploitation of air and space

12th Tactical Fighter Wing
This web page is dedicated to the men and women veterans of the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing. Some of these 12th Tactical Fighter Wing veterans have formed an independent association which includes organizations such as bomb groups and other units that once or still had/have a designation including the number "12" associated with their unit. While this web page does not sanction organizations and/or their objectives other than 12th Tactical Fighter Wing entities,

Special Tactics .com

Air Force Reserve Command Home Page
The Command's home page includes a brief history, information on joining, and publications.

Air Force Special Operations Command
Contains general information and images pertaining to this command.

Hurricane Hunters Home Page
The Hurricane Hunters are actually the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the Air Force Reserve - the only Department of Defense organization flying into tropical storms and hurricanes on a routine basis. Be sure and take the Cyberflight into the Eye of Hurricane Opal, and check out their photo gallery.

United States Air Force Museum
Take a virtual tour of the USAF Museum. There are some really great pictures available for viewing at this site

US Air Force Academy
Home page of the Air Force Academy.

  • 390th Bomb Group

  • 457th Bomb Group Page - pictures and stories of one man's bomber crew flying B-17 Flying Fortresses in WW II.
  • 5th AAF, 43rd BG - learn about the men and their planes while listening to music from the 40s.
  • Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force - AVG and CATF that served in WWII under the direction of Gen.Chennault.
  • Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group - about their operations in the defense of China from Japan.
  • Heavy Bombers - on-line resource and research guide to the USAAF Heavy Bomber Groups: B-17, B-24, and B-29.
  • Lost Squadron - details the story of Glacier Girl, the P-38 recovered from the Greenland glacier.
  • Atomic Bomb: Decision-archive of documents relating to the atomic bomb project and the decision to employ it against Japan.
  • Bombshell - book by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel that exposes previously unknown American physicist turned Soviet spy, who now relates how/why he passed atomic bomb secrets. Download once secret FBI and KGB files. Great Links.
  • Enola Gay 
  • Hiroshima: Was it Necessary? - why dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was probably unnecessary. Includes a bibliography, and the historians' letter to the Smithsonian on Enola Gay exhibit.


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