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Allies In War


Palace Barracks Memorial Garden
A quiet corner of a Holywood Northern Ireland Army base has become a poignant place of pilgrimage for the bereaved families of the security force personnel killed in the Troubles and other conflicts.

Canadian War Museum
The Canadian War Museum, the national military history museum, is a living memorial to those men and women who served in Canada's armed forces. It is also a centre for research and the dissemination of information and expertise on all aspects of the country's military past from the pre-contact era to the present. It preserves the artifacts of Canadian military experience, interprets them for present and future generations, and advances the professional study of Canadian military history, including the effects of war and conflict on the nation and all its citizens.

Australian War Memorial
C.E.W. Bean first began thinking about commemorating the sacrifice of Australians in war in 1915, at Gallipoli. The idea of a national museum took hold later, while Bean was visiting Pozi?es, France, where the Australian divisions suffered 23,000 casualties in less than seven weeks of fighting in 1916. Bean's idea was to set aside a place in Australia where families and friends could grieve for those buried in places far away and difficult to visit - a place that would also contribute to the understanding of war itself. Both commemoration and furthering our understanding of war inspire our work at the Memorial today.

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