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Australian Warbirds - devoted to ex-military aviation, and the promotion and preservation of Australia's military aviation heritage. Features craft history and crew details.

New Zealand Warbirds Association - endeavors to preserve Service aircraft in flying condition for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

U.S. Army Otter-Caribou Association - dedicated to the U.S. Army DeHavilland Otter Caribou aircraft and those who flew or supported these planes.

B-52 - history of operation Linebacker II, the 11 Day War, and the Christmas Bombing of Hanoi during the Vietnam War.

History of the EC-47's in SEA - ARDF operations aboard the EC-47's, in Southeast Asia by the 360th TEWS, 361st TEWS 362nd TEWS and 6994 Security Squadron, 1966-1974.


USAF AC-119 Gunships - text and photos of Special Operations Shadow and Stinger gunships used in the conflict in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Airdrop History
During the 77 day siege of Khe Sanh in 1968, over 8,000 tons of supplies and equipment were dropped in support of the 26th Marines stationed at the outpost. This historical accomplishment was performed by the 109th QM Co. (AD) and the 383d QM Det. (AD) supported by the 623 QM Co. (AER&D) . Operation Junction City and numerous other airdrop missions were accomplished throughout southeast Asia during the 6 year period.

Air Group 4 - Casablanca to Tokyo - tells story of those who served in Air Group 4 during World War II.      

Flying Tigers 

Nino's Page: An Italian Pilot in WWII - about his life, death, and planes.

Squadron13 Aviation Museum - pictures of aircraft significant to the WWII era.

U.S. Aces of World War Two - brief biographies of the top American fighter pilots in WWII, with tables showing victories, medals, units, and planes flown.

Warbird's Forum, The - features annals of the Flying Tigers and Brewster Buffalo. Also includes information on foreign fighters and more.

WWII Aviation Booklist - reviews non-fiction titles about all aspects of the air war in WWII.

Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group - about their operations in the defense of China from Japan.


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