This site is dedicated
to our grandfather PFC John Bruszewski, nicknamed (Cobble John). It chronicles his journey through Europe with the 4th Cavalry group in WWII.

 Bruce "Snake" Crandall
Citizen, Soldier, Leader, Pilot, Ace, Hero, Husband, Athlete, Comedian, Celebrity
This site  created as a surprise with love and pride for our
father-- Fathers Day 2001

Skytroopers  "Vietnam Tour Of Duty"
At first thought, moving through the thickest patches of jungle didn't seem to make much sense, because that also meant making noise that could alert the enemy to our presence, but there was  less chance of running into booby trap

A Troop 1st Sqadron 4th Calvary 1st Infantry Division
My Tour with Second Platoon June 1967 to June 1968
Dan Thompson

Your Connection to Mounted Combat in Vietnam 1/4 Cav
Here comes the Cavalry! That cry has distressed enemies and heartened friends throughout history. The cavalry's mobility and shock action has turned looming defeat into victory, sure death into life and renewed hope.


History of the 1st Cavalry Division          "First Team"
1st Cavalry Division units have served the nation from 1855 to the present; building a history 
in pride with solid ties to the traditions and heritage of the United States Cavalry.
The famed 1st Cavalry Division was baptized by fire and blood on the western plains in an era 
of horse-mounted cavalry. Dubbed the "First Team" by Major General William C. Chase, the 
division has always strived not only to be the first, but to be the best.

1st Air Cav Combat Medic (Airmobile This site is dedicated to the Army Medics named on the Vietnam Memorial Wall 
and to the men with whom I served in the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry,
                             First Cavalry Division (Airmobile).

Mechanized Calvary In World War II
This Website is dedicated to the men who served in the mechanized cavalry units of World War II. Their contribution to victory is little recognized, and even less understood. They were unique in the manner in which they were organized and fought, and served as a distinct link between the nineteenth century horse powered Army, and the modern Army which continues to serve America today.