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1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) deploys to designated contingency areas
and conducts operations as part of V (US) Corps or a designated force headquarters.
On order we will conduct military operations requirements.

3d "Arrowhead" Brigade, 2d Infantry Division is located here at beautiful Fort Lewis, Washington (approximately 20 minutes from the capitol city of Olympia and 15 minutes from Tacoma).

4th Infantry Division

9th Infantry Regiment

22nd Infantry Regiment

23rd Americal Division

25th Infantry Division Association

29th Infantry Division (Light) 
The 29th Infantry Division was the vanguard of the Allied attack on the hostile shores of Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The attack to begin the liberation of France will long be remembered as the beginning of the Allies

35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti)Association

42nd Infantry Division (Mech)

45th Infantry Division Museum 
In Honor of The Men of The 45th Infantry Division, the Men and Women of The Oklahoma National Guard and Those Who Served in The Oklahoma Militia After Statehood. A Brief History of the 45th Infantry.

60th Infantry Division
Welcome to the 60th Infantry Regiment Website. This mission of this site is to present the story, as factually as possible, about the 60th Regiment in World War Two.

63rd Infantry Division Association

70th Infantry Division Association
In the line for 86 consecutive days of combat...Liberated 58 towns and took 668 prisoners in penetrating the Siegfried Line and driving through the Saarland ... Total Casualties: 835 KIA, 2713 WIA, 397 taken as POWs, and 54 listed as MIA. Awards: Distinguished Unit Citation - 1, Distinguished Service Cross - 13, Silver Star - 228 (4 clusters), Bronze Star - 430 (14 clusters), Air Medals - 10, Legion of Merit - 7, Soldiers Medal - 8

84th Infantry Division

87th Infantry Division Assn.

"Patton's Troubleshooters", By Terry D. Janes, The untold story of how the 702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils” & The 80th Infantry Division “Blue Ridgers” teamed up to crush the toughest obstacles that Hitler’s German Army could devise and throw in front of General George Patton’s Third Army.

100th Infantry Division Association 
100th infantry division in world war 2


A scale model collection of the "Infantryman's Artillery".  Dedicated to all the "Eleven-Charlies" throughout history.......past, present and future.


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