Military Army Air Forces Patches

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

All army air force insignia shown with dates after 26 July 1947 became units within the newly established United States Air Force.

Photo Spec Patch
Photo Spec

The patch depicts a camera and was worn by personnel in occupations that included camera technician, photographic interpreter and photo lab chief.

Weather Spec Patch
Weather Spec

The patch depicting a weather vane was worn by personnel in occupations that included weather forecaster, observer, and station chief.

French AF Trainees In US Patch
French AF Trainees In US

Worn from:  1942 - 1945 (Unauthorized).

The insignia consists of an American eagle (blue head and neck, white star, red-and-white striped wings) with three chicks colored blue, white, and red supported by a white panel on which appears "Ils Graniront" which means "they will grow larger."

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AAF Russian CMD

Worn from:  1942 - 1945 (Unauthorized).

A stylized version of the traditional army air corps insignia (white star with red disk and golden wings) is superimposed over the Russian red star in a supportive manner.

Chinese Avn Cadet Trn US Patch
Chinese Avn Cadet Trn US

Worn from:  1942 - 1945 (Unauthorized).

The design is of the Chinese air force insignia (a twelve-pointed sun and wings).  Red, white, and blue are the national colors of the United States of America.

AAF AK Air Depot Patch
AAF AK Air Depot

Worn from:  1943 - 1945.

Approved for local wear only.

An arrowhead enclosing the letters "AAD," which is the unit's designation.

USAF Thule Greenland Patch
USAF Thule Greenland

Worn from:  1942 - 1952.

A polar bear, sitting on an iceberg, and the Northern Lights in the background indicate the unit's geographical location.  The airplane represents the air force.  Though not an army insignia, the historical aspect of the patch permits its inclusion here.

USA Troop Carrier Patch
USA Troop Carrier

Worn from:  1942 - 1946 (Unauthorized).

The unit's designation is spelled out in a circular design within which is the design used for the I Troop Carrier Command patch.

Downed Airman Bdg Patch
Downed Airman Bdg

Worn from:  1941 - 1945 (Unauthorized).

The insignia was worn on the sleeve cuff.  The design is of a winged flight boot on a black background.

USA AF Sweetheart Jacket Patch
USA AF Sweetheart
Jacket Patch

Worn from:  1940 - 1944 (Unauthorized).

This patch, popular as a souvenir with airmen of the period, was worn by the wives and sweethearts of flyers serving the country in lonely, far away places.  In sending and receiving such tokens, America could, once in a while, forget the war and take a well needed sentimental journey.

USA AF Patch

Worn from:  1942 - 1947 (Unauthorized).

A popular souvenir patch of the era.  Worn proudly by soldiers and civilians alike to recognize and support the efforts of America's fighting forces in the air.