Logistical Commands Patches History

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

301st Supt Bde patch
301st Supt Bde

Worn from:  21 March 1952 - 18 September 1968.

Re-designated:  301st Support Brigade.  Worn from:  18 September 1968 - 7 April 1972.

The links of a chain suggest the chain of supply -- three links, the zero from the border, and the center bar indicate the unit's numerical designation. 


304th Log Cmd patch
304th Log Cmd

Worn from:  2 February 1955 - 13 October 1960.

The hourglass emphasizes the importance of time in planning supplies.  The two revolving arrows represent the synchronization of flow of supplies with the correct timing.

305th Log Cmd patch
305th Log Cmd

Worn from:  25 March 1954 - Unknown.

The suspension bridge (Golden Gate Bridge) is both a symbol of San Francisco, headquarters of the unit and of the basic mission of a logistical command -- the "bridging of the services."

306th Log Cmd patch
306th Log Cmd

Worn from:  28 June 1951 - Unknown.

The three vertical bars represent the roman numeral three, the circle represents zero, and the total number of bars represents the number six, indicative of the numerical designation of the command.


307th Log Cmd patch
307th Log Cmd

Worn from:  21 December 1953 - Unknown.

The mission of the unit is symbolized by the wheel for transportation and supply, the sword for service, and the quill pen for records.

310th TAACOM patch
310th TAACOM

Worn from:  9 February 1956 - 4 September 1974.

Re-designated:  310th Field Army Support Command.  Worn from:  4 September 1974 - 1988.

Re-designated:  310th Theater Area Command.  Worn from:  1988 - Current.

The center link of the chain indicates the control exercised by the command.  The outer links allude to the unit's support role.

311th COSCOM patch
311th COSCOM

Worn from:  20 March 1955 - 2 October 1974.

Re-designated:  311th Support Brigade.  Worn from:  2 October 1974 - 9 January 1980.

Re-designated:  311th Support Command.  Worn from:  9 January 1980 - 1988.

Re-designated:  311th Corps Support Command.  Worn from:  1988 - Current.

The three arrows, interwoven and moving in accord around a vital area, represent the elements and functions of the organization:  transport, quartering, and the supply of troops.

312th Log Cmd patch
312th Log Cmd

Worn from:  16 January 1952 - 13 October 1960.

The lightning flash represents the speed and efficiency with which the unit performs it's mission.

313th Log Cmd patch
313th Log Cmd

Worn from:  16 October 1953 - 13 October 1960.

The insignia is an arbitrary design that symbolizes movement and speed in the mission of supply.

314th Log Cmd patch
314th Log Cmd

Worn from:  10 August 1956 - 15 January 1957.

The two bars, cut at an angle and interlocked within a circle, suggest movement and represent the transportation of supplies.