Logistical Commands Patches History

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

315th Log Cmd patch
315th Log Cmd

Worn from:  3 March 1954 - 13 October 1960.

The three interlaced or interlocking staples represent the three basic functions of logistics in military operations:  quartering, transportation, and supply.

316th Log Cmd patch
316th Log Cmd

Worn from:  17 November 1954 - 13 October 1960.

The compass rose alludes to the ability of the command to move, quarter, and provision armies at any point of the compass.  The fleur-de-lys, which traditionally is used at the north point of the compass, also represents the iris, the state flower of Tennessee, the birthplace and location of the unit.

318th Log Cmd patch
318th Log Cmd

Worn from:  8 August 1956 - 15 February 1957.

The flamingo, a large wading bird of Florida, represents West Palm Beach, headquarters of the command.

319th Log Cmd patch
319th Log Cmd

Worn from:  8 February 1955 - 31 October 1955.

The log refers to the word "log" within the word "logistics."

320th Log Cmd patch
320th Log Cmd

Worn from:  17 June 1955 - 5 March1956.

The star, crossed by two lightning flashes, represents the speed and power with which the command performs its mission of supply and service.

321st Log Cmd patch
321st Log Cmd

Worn from: 16 June 1954 - 13 October 1960.

The placement of six diamonds to compose an arrowhead indicates the numerical designation of the unit.  The arrowhead itself symbolizes a force pushing through all obstacles and overcoming all difficulties to achieve its mission.

322nd Log Cmd patch
322nd Log Cmd

Worn from:  14 October 1952 - 13 October 1960.

The design suggests the threefold functions of a logistical command:  command, administration, and supply.  The "Y" is a symbol of the Chicago River and the Chicago area from which the unit organized and activated.

323rd Log Cmd patch
323rd Log Cmd

Worn from:  29 February 1960 - 13 October 1960.

The numerical designation of the command is indicated by the six blue rectangles arranged vertically, three in a row, on each side of two blue T-shaped symbols with crossbars to center.

324th Log Cmd patch
324th Log Cmd

Worn from:  1 December 1961 - Unknown.

The outline of the sentry tower of El Morro Castle symbolizes the location of the command in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The spirals indicate the inward and outward flow of supplies.  The blue background represents the Atlantic Ocean.

Japan Log Cmd patch
Japan Log Cmd

Worn from: 
28 December 1950 - 14 January 1953.

The monogram "JLC" in stylized oriental letters represents the abbreviated form of the unit's name, the Japan Logistical Command.