Military Medical Company Patches History

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

The term "Dust Off" appears on many of the medical-evacuation unit patches in the following section.  "Dust Off" is slang for an airborne evacuation by helicopter of casualties; it is also known by the term "Medevac."

54th Med Co patch
54th Med Co

  Worn from:  1994 (Unauthorized).

68th Med Det patch
68th Med Det

  Worn from:  1990 - March 1995.

50th Med Co 101st Abn Div patch
50th Med Co
101st Abn Div

  Worn from:  1993 - Current. 

159th Med Co patch
159th Med Co

  Worn from:  1991.

498th Med Co patch
498th Med Co

  Worn from:  1988.

3rd Bn 507th Air Ambulance patch
3rd Bn
507th Air Ambulance

  Worn from:  1990 (Unauthorized).

236th Med Co patch
236th Med Co

  Worn from:  1990 (Unauthorized).

1133rd Med Co patch
1133rd Med Co

  Worn from:  September 1990 - Current.

An earlier version of this patch with the inscription "Montgomery,            Alabama" was worn from 1984 - 1990.

Med Research Team Vietnam patch
Med Research
Team Vietnam

  Worn from:  1966 - 1970.

  Approved for local wear only.

OH-58D Helicopter patch
OH-58D Helicopter


Worn from: