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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

14th MP Bde patch

14th MP Bde

Worn from:  April 12 1995 - 1992

The compass points stand for the four corners of  the battlefield and the four following combat missions of the Military Police Corps: battlefield circulation and control, law and order, rear battle operatins, and enemy prisoners of war.  The battle-ax, and/or fasces and the sword, symbolizes the magistrates authority and the unit's combat mission.  The number fourteen is represented by the crossed background and weapons recalling the roman numeral for ten with the four points on the compass star--thus adding up to fourteen.

15th MP Bde patch

15th MP Bde

Worn from:  March 10, 1966 - 1976

The griffin, symbol for eternal vigilance, within an embattled border, alludes to the military establishent and refers to the mission of a military police brigade.   The fifteen projections comprising the embattled border allude to the numerical designations for the Fifteenth Military Police Brigade.

16th MP Bde patch

16th MP Bde

Worn from:  July 15, 1981 - Current

The star is emblematic of the military police branch of service and connotes leadership and authority.  The arrowhead is a symbol for military preparedness and protection.  All of the above, along with the globe, symbolizes the overall mission, capabilities, and operational sphere of theorganization.

Campaigns, Vietnam (Counteroffensive Phases II/III/IV/V/VI, Tet and Tet/69 Counteroffensives, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter_Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counter-
offisensive, Consolidation I and II), Armed Forces Expeditions (Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait).

Decorations:  Meritorious Unit Commendations --Army (streamers embroidered VIETNAM 1966 - 1968, and  VIETNAM 1968 - 1969), Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm (streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1966 - 1971).


18th MP Bde patch

18th MP Bde


Worn from:  June 7, 1966 - 1973.

Reassigned:  August16, 1985 - Current.

The fasces, and ancient symbol of the magistrate's authority, and the sword for the military are combined to symbolize military law and order.

Campaigns:  Vietnam (Counteroffemsive Phases II/III/IV/V/I/VII, Tet and Tet/69 Counteroffsensives, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter-Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counter-
offensive, Consolidation I and II, Cease-Fire).  Bosnia (Operation Joint Endeavor).

Decorations:  Meritorious Unit Commendations--Army (streamers embroidered VIETNAM 1966 - 1967; VIETNAM 1967 - 1968;VIETNAM 1968 - 1971; AND VIETNAM 1971 - 1973), Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm (streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1966 - 1973).


43rd MP Bde patch 

43rd MP Bde

Worn from:  May 21, 1969 -- Current.

The fortificataion above the wavy bars alludes to the wall surrounding the fifteenth city of Rhodes, capital of the island of Rhodes, after which Rhode Island was named.  The wavy bars also represent Narragansett Bay and the many waterways of the state.  The pike, an early weapon used by guards, symbolizes the Forty-third Military Police Brigade's ability to give protection and strong support.

Campaigns:  None.

Decorations:  None.

Worn from:  October 29, 1981 - Current.

The star is symbolic of courage and law enforcement.  The eight points and the nine stripes suggest the unit's numerical designation.  The sword represents military justice, law, and order.  The dragon represents authority and guardianship and alludes to the unit's original activation in the Republic of Vietnam.
Campaigns:  Vietnam (Counteroffensive and Phases II/III/IV/V/VI/VII, Tet and Tet/69 Counterpffensives, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter-Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counteroffensive, 
Consolidation I and II), Armed Forces Expeditions (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait).

Decorations:  Meritorious Unituy Commendation--Army (streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1967 - 1968), Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm (streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1966-1971).

177th MP Bde patch

177th MP Bde

Worn from:  June 29, 1988 - Current.

The gear wheel suggests the heraldic term "embattled" representin a fortress and reflects the unit's involvement indefense.  The keys allude to the organization's mission of pro-
tection and law enforcement.  The gear wheel also represents Detroit, the Motor City, present location of the unit.

Campaigns:  World War II (Aleutian Islands).

Decorations:  None.

220th MP Bde patch

220 MP Bde

Worn from:  July 31, 1972-1994.

The pikes, former weapons used by guards, are interlaced to symbolize strength and protection within the law.  The pikes, two then two, with the annulet further distinguish the organization's numerical designation, "220."  The annulet also alludes to the unit's speed and mobility in carrying out its mission.

Campaigns:  None.

Decorations:  None.

221st MP Bde patch

221st MP Bde

Worn from:  July 15, 1972 - 1994.

The mythological griffin, symbol of strength, vigilance, agility, and protection, refers to the overall mission of the organization.  Also, through association, a griffin has historical significance to theorganization and legendary association to California, the unit's present home area.  The sun, revealer of truth and symbol of authority, represents jurisprudence, and with the wavy blue base simulates a coast, further indicating the unit's present location.

Campaign:  None.

Decorations: None.

260th MP Cmd patch

260th MP Cmd
Worn from:  June 4, 1986 - February 24, 1992.

Redesignated:  260th Military Police Command

Worn from:  February 24, 1992 - Current.

The combination of the sword and scales of justice represents the duality of the military police mission:  armed security duties and upholding the law.  The red stars and bars on a white background are taken from the flag of the District of Columbia, home area of the unit.  The flag of the District of Columbia was based on the Washington family coat of arms.

Campaigns:  World War I (St.-Mihiel, Meuse Argonne).

Decorations:  None

military police cross pistols

military police cross pistols

military police cross pistols