U.S.Naval Special Warfare Archives
To record the history, build and maintain the archives of special
warfare in the U. S. Navy, to authenticate the credentials of the members of the special warfare community in the U. S. Navy, and to act as a communication clearinghouse for the special warfarcommunity in the U. S. Navy

US Navy Seals
Offers Navy Seal training workout videos and DVD's Navy Seal Manuals, Luminox watches, Also provides Navy fitness books and UDT related merchandise.

The Seal Teams
It is a common misconception that the SEAL mission is limited to waterborne operations.  The acronym SEAL stands for Sea, Land and Air and only hints at the diversity of a SEAL platoon.  As you will see in my photo gallery, a SEAL is as comfortable jumping out of a plane or patrolling through a forest as he is participating in winter operations, jungle warfare or urban infiltration...
  A SEALs platoon is revered as the most versatile, dangerous and effective combat unit in the entire worlds armed forces!


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