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October 24, 2010 posted by Robert O'Dowd · 7 Comments

(WASHINGTON, DC) – For the life of me, I still don’t know why the Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) have not published the list of 130 military bases on the National Priority List (EPA Superfunds), the chemicals found by EPA and the health effects of exposure.


The EPA Superfund database is accessible from the internet and the health effects of exposure to many of the contaminants have been identified by the Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry (ATSDR).

Many vets have access to the internet from their own computers or from another family member. It’s not like this is classified information or any national security issues are in play.

What is at stake is the health of veterans. The health of veterans should be of paramount interest to all VSO’s. Veterans pay dues to their VSO’s to represent them and to protect their interests.

Not everyone who served on an EPA Superfund base was exposed to toxic chemicals. Publishing the EPA lists is not going to spread panic among veterans. We’re mature adults fully capable of making rational decisions about our health care needs.

DOD, the biggest owner of Superfund sites, has no interest in notifying veterans of their possible exposure to toxic chemicals nor is there a legal requirement for any government agency to notify veterans or Congressional interest in pursuing this.

I have personally sent emails or letters to the CEO’s of most of the major VSO’s, including the VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League, Catholic War Vets, etc. Only the Catholic War Vets agreed to notify their membership.

Am I going to cancel my membership to the American Legion and the Marine Corps League? No. But, I’d like to think that the CEO’s of these organizations would demonstrate a personal interest in the health care of their memberships by publishing this information.

What’s the big deal? We pay dues to VSO’s to represent our interests. I’m betting that most vets have no idea that bases they served on are now EPA Superfund sites. A number may have been exposed to deadly contaminants, are now sick, and have never connected the dots to military service. Putting aside the VA disability claim issue, these men (mostly) need to know what chemicals they were exposed to so their doctors can provide an effective treatment plan. Keeping them in the dark is definitely not helpful. DOD is not going to tell them anything. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the VSO’s are working for DOD, not for their memberships.

EPA’s Unacceptable Risks to Human Health

For every military base on the National Priority List (Superfunds), EPA lists the chemicals found in the soil and groundwater that are an “unacceptable risk” to humans and the environment. This information is not classified. It’s not a secret. Every veteran who served on an EPA Superfund needs to know what chemcials he or she may have been exposed to and the health effects of exposure.

EPA’s Contaminants of Concern (COC’s) “are the chemical substances found at the site that the EPA has determined pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. These are the substances that are addressed by cleanup actions at the site.”

“ Identifying COC’s is a process where the EPA identifies people and ecological resources that could be exposed to contamination found at the site, determines the amount and type of contaminants present, and identifies the possible negative human health or ecological effects that could result from contact with the contaminants.”

A link to the list of COC’s is shown on the first page of each EPA Superfund website under the caption, “view contaminants of concern at this site.”

For example, the health effects from exposure to a particular COC at MCAS El Toro, an EPA Superfund base, can be obtained by clinking on the ATSDR Profile next to the COC as shown below.

Vetshome Comment:
hy have'nt the Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s)  published the list of 130 military bases on the National Priority List (EPA Superfunds), the chemicals found by EPA and the health effects of exposure.   YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

Maybe, just maybe you have been sick and did'nt know why.


National Priorities List (NPL)         Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

US Air Force Links
Fort Worth TX Air Force Plant #4 (General Dynamics)
Columbus OH Air Force Plant 85
Littleton CO Air Force Plant PJKS
Tacoma WA American Lake Gardens/McChord AFB
Yigo GU Andersen Air Force Base
Andrews Air Force Base MD Andrews Air Force Base
Tullahoma/Manchester TN Arnold Engineering Development Center (USAF)
Brandywine MD Brandywine DRMO
Merced CA Castle Air Force Base (6 Areas)
Rantoul IL Chanute Air Force Base
Dover DE Dover Air Force Base
Edwards AFB CA Edwards Air Force Base
Fairbanks AK Eielson Air Force Base
Ellsworth AFB SD Ellsworth Air Force Base
Anchorage AK Elmendorf Air Force Base
Cheyenne WY F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Spokane WA Fairchild Air Force Base (4 Waste Areas)
Victorville CA George Air Force Base
Rome NY Griffiss Air Force Base (11 Areas)
Bedford MA Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base
Hill AFB UT Hill Air Force Base
Homestead Air Force Base FL Homestead Air Force Base
Limestone ME Loring Air Force Base
Glendale AZ Luke Air Force Base
Riverside CA March Air Force Base
Mather CA Mather Air Force Base (AC&W Disposal Site)
Tacoma WA McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack/Treatment Area)
McClellan AFB CA McClellan Air Force Base (Ground Water Contamination)
Wrightstown NJ McGuire Air Force Base #1
Mountain Home ID Mountain Home Air Force Base
San Bernardino CA Norton Air Force Base (Lndfll #2)
Portsmouth/Newington NH Pease Air Force Base
Plattsburgh NY Plattsburgh Air Force Base
Lockbourne OH Rickenbacker Air National Guard (USAF)
Houston County GA Robins Air Force Base (Landfill #4/Sludge Lagoon)
Oklahoma City OK Tinker Air Force Base (Soldier Creek/Building 3001)
Travis AFB CA Travis Air Force Base
Minneapolis MN Twin Cities Air Force Reserve Base (Small Arms Range Landfill)
Panama City FL Tyndall Air Force Base
Chandler AZ Williams Air Force Base
Dayton OH Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Oscoda MI Wurtsmith Air Force Base


US Army Links

Edgewood MD Aberdeen Proving Ground (Edgewood Area)
Aberdeen MD Aberdeen Proving Ground (Michaelsville Landfill)
Childersburg AL Alabama Army Ammunition Plant
Anniston AL Anniston Army Depot (Southeast Industrial Area)
Hall County NE Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant
Fort Devens MA Fort Devens
Sudbury MA Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex
Pemberton Township NJ Fort Dix (Landfill Site)
Newport News VA Fort Eustis (US Army)
Odenton MD Fort George G. Meade
Tacoma WA Fort Lewis (Landfill No. 5)
Tillicum WA Fort Lewis Logistics Center
Marina CA Fort Ord
Anchorage AK Fort Richardson (USARMY)
Junction City KS Fort Riley
Fort Wainwright AK Fort Wainwright
Middletown IA Iowa Army Ammunition Plant
Joliet IL Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (Load-Assembly-Packing Area)
Joliet IL Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (Manufacturing Area)
Independence MO Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (Northwest Lagoon)
Franklin County PA Letterkenny Army Depot (PDO Area)
Chambersburg PA Letterkenny Army Depot (SE Area)
Texarkana TX Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant
Karnack TX Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant
Doyline LA Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant
Watertown MA Materials Technology Laboratory (USARMY)
Milan TN Milan Army Ammunition Plant
Natick MA Natick Laboratory Army Research, and Engineering Center
New Brighton MN New Brighton/Arden Hills/TCAAP (USARMY)
Rockaway Township NJ Picatinny Arsenal (USARMY)
Riverbank CA Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant
Adams County CO Rocky Mountain Arsenal (USARMY)
Sacramento CA Sacramento Army Depot
Savanna IL Savanna Army Depot Activity
Schofield HI Schofield Barracks (USARMY)
Romulus NY Seneca Army Depot
Lathrop CA Sharpe Army Depot
Desoto KS Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant
Tobyhanna PA Tobyhanna Army Depot
Tooele UT Tooele Army Depot (North Area)
Tracy CA Tracy Defense Depot (USARMY)
Hermiston OR Umatilla Army Depot (Lagoons)
Huntsville AL US Army/NASA Redstone Arsenal
St. Charles County MO Weldon Spring Former Army Ordnance Works
Point Pleasant WV West Virginia Ordnance (USARMY)
US Coast Guard Link
Baltimore MD Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard
  U. S. Navy Links
Adak AK Adak Naval Air Station
Alameda CA Alameda Naval Air Station
Mineral County WV Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (USNAVY)
Silverdale WA Bangor Naval Submarine Base
Bremerton WA Bangor Ordnance Disposal (USNAVY)
Barstow CA Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base
Brunswick ME Brunswick Naval Air Station
Onslow County NC Camp Lejeune Military Res. (USNAVY)
Camp Pendleton CA Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base
Havelock NC Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station
Concord CA Concord Naval Weapons Station
North Kingstown RI Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center
El Toro CA El Toro Marine Corps Air Station
Indian Head MD Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center
Kitsap County WA Jackson Park Housing Complex (USNAVY)
Jacksonville FL Jacksonville Naval Air Station
Quantico VA Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Albany GA Marine Corps Logistics Base
Moffett Field CA Moffett Naval Air Station
Warminster Township PA Naval Air Development Center (8 Waste Areas)
Lakehurst NJ Naval Air Engineering Center
Whidbey Island WA Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Ault Field)
Whidbey Island WA Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Seaplane Base)
Virginia Beach VA Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek
Wahiawa HI Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station EP
Fridley MN Naval Industrial Reserve Ordnance Plant
Sabana Seca PR Naval Security Group Activity
Dahlgren VA Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren
Keyport WA Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station (4 Waste Areas)
Bedford MA Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant
Yorktown VA Naval Weapons Station – Yorktown
Colts Neck NJ Naval Weapons Station Earle (Site A)
Mechanicsburg PA Navy Ships Parts Control Center
New London CT New London Submarine Base
Newport RI Newport Naval Education & Training Center
Norfolk VA Norfolk Naval Base (Sewells Point Naval Complex)
Portsmouth VA Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Yorktown VA NWS Yorktown – Cheatham Annex
Parris Island SC Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Patuxent River MD Patuxent River Naval Air Station
Pearl Harbor HI Pearl Harbor Naval Complex
Pensacola FL Pensacola Naval Air Station
Indian Island WA Port Hadlock Detachment (USNAVY)
Kittery ME Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Bremerton WA Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Complex
Weymouth MA South Weymouth Naval Air Station
Chesapeake VA St. Juliens Creek Annex (U.S. Navy)
San Francisco CA Treasure Island Naval Station-Hunters Point Annex
Jacksonville FL USN Air Station Cecil Field
Washington DC Washington Navy Yard Milton FL Whiting Field Naval Air Station
Horsham PA Willow Grove Naval Air and Air Reserve Station
Yuma AZ Yuma Marine Corps Air Station