Veterans of America Foundation, Inc.

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The following is an editorial column which appeared in the May 2, 2001, edition
of the Sebring, Florida, Highlands Today News:

"Be wary of calls from Veterans of America Foundation, Inc.…

There is an outfit called the Veterans of America Foundation Inc. out of Miami
that telephones people asking for contributions to help veterans in the matters
of scholarships, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, assistance for homeless and
disabled and resource and identification and referral center.

According to something signed by an R.M. Rad, executive director, 'the Veterans
of America Foundation Inc. was organized and operates for charitable,
educational and scientific purposes. It is our goal to foster, encourage and
promote the improvement, development of growth, self-respect, self-confidence
and usefulness of veterans. The foundation includes in its work those activities
that will lead to the elimination of discrimination of veterans, the improvement
of the quality of life of veterans that are disabled.'

According, to records from the state of Florida, the Veterans of America
Foundation Inc. is a legal non-profit operation: However, before you send Rad
and Co. a penny, consider what a perusal of the report filed with the state
Division of Consumer Services for the year ending Dec. 31, 1999, turned up:
Total revenues/contributions were  $599,952.
Program services costs were  $29,273.
Management/administrative costs were  $344,961.
Fund-raising costs were  $221,954.
Total expenses were  $596,188.
Surplus/deficit:  $3,764.

What this adds up to is something that really stinks. This outfit takes in
$599,952 and pays out $596,188 before a dime is available for anything connected
to veterans.

One Heartland veteran who made a donation to VAF enacted his caller ID and
discovered three phone numbers centered in south Florida. Far be it from us to
suggest anything: illegal is afoot here, but if you have the means and
the-desire to help veterans, we suggest you contact any Heartland VFW, American
Legion or AmVets post. They will certainly be glad to work with you.

As for the thought that a "boiler room" has targeted the Heartland with its vast
veteran population, only a true skeptic would entertain such a cynical thought."

The FDVA General Counsel has discussed this editorial with the Division of
Consumer Services, which verified the quoted figures as being accurate.  It also
provided a percentage breakdown: 57.9% administrative cost, 37.2% fund-raising
cost, and 4.9% program services cost.

The Division of Consumer services also provided the location of branch offices
in Miami, Tampa, Spring Hill, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Pompano Beach, Panama
City, Palm City, Orlando, Orange Park, Melbourne, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Avon
Park, Daytona Beach, and Hialeah


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